Data acquisition on site

In order to collect energy data, Powerdale has developed a family of modular dataloggers:

PowerMini: for metering of small applications based on the Zigbee technology and on pulses.

PowerMaxi: for more complex applications combining Maxi-V3

  • digital inputs
  • digital outputs (eg peak shaving)
  • LAN and/or RS485 Modbus (or similar protocol)
  • ZigBee and M-bus support
  • LAN or GPRS/3G communication
  • a local graphical interface


As developer of integrated solutions, we can rapidly customize both hardware and software to meet your requirements (eg development and integration of specific protocols).

Hereunder, an overview of our product range:


We can install our dataloggers directly in your electrical cubicles or integrate them in wall mounted cabinets.