Powerdale signs a collaboration with Green Cosmos from Bangalore (India).

During the recent Michelin Challenge Bibendum in Chengdu (China), Poverdale and Green Cosmos have signed a collaboration agreement.Startups (13)

Under the terms of the agreement, Powerdale will provide technology to Green Cosmos in order to collect energy data.
The two companies will collaborate to develop innovative solutions in the field of energy management.
Powerdale’s PowerLogger makes data acquisition of energy and process data possible in places where smart meters have not yet been deployed.

Green Cosmos will feed the data in its RealNatics platform.
RealNatics is an Energy Software powered by SAP HANA that helps Multi-site businesses predict and manage their energy budgets, reduce their CO2 emissions and integrate with the Renewable Energy Resource, Rooftop Solar Panels.

Greencosmos website


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