Data Presentation platforms

Once the energy data collected and validated, it can be presented in our customizable web platform.

The customer has the choice between two alternatives :

A. The platform is hosted by Powerdale: Application Service Provider.

  • We perform the data acquisition, validation, aggregation and storage
  • The security and confidentiality of your data is taken care of at various levels: encryption, firewall and segregation
  • We provide you with a secure access to your data
  • You can download the data you need in various formats (xls, csv, png graph)
  • A set of standard reports is available. We can produce new ones, adapted to your specific needs.
  • The reports can be accessed through the platform or sent per email based on a personalised subscription
  • The alarms generated in the system can also be sent directly to your staff (eg by text message)
  • The entire IT infrastructure and the upgrades are taken care of by our staff.
  • A Service Level Agreement describes the levels of service and support that have been agreed.


B. The platform forms part of your IT infrastructure

  • Our platform is java based and can be deployed inside your application landscape.
  • As such, it can be connected to your DataBase Management System (Oracle, PostgreSQL, …)
  • We can also adapt our functional modules to integrate them within your IT environment.
  • As an alternative, we can provide you with an entire solution, packaged in a virtual machine

You keep the flexibility to switch from one alternative to the other. We are your Partner in Innovation. We guarantee a performant solution, entirely focused on your requirements.