Demand Response

Powerdale has developed several building blocks which can enable commercial and industrial consumers to master their consumption profile in order to reach optimal technical, economical or environmental performance.

Powerdale Demand Response offering is unique thanks to the flexibility of the solution provided, based on our own hardware, software and the involvement of experts.
Our solution is built around the following:

  • The PowerMaxi, installed locally, will collect, validate and aggregate the different loads of your energy system into your consumption load profile.
    This powerful data logger also enables the activation and deactivation of certain loads in function of programmable set points and/or events (peak shaving).


  • Powerdale Load Management Platform.
    This platform is your cockpit for a global operation, linking your sites together..
    It enables you to perform five main activities:
    • Aggregate your energy data across your different sites.
      The PowerMaxi communicates bidirectionally with the platform.
    • Mine your energy data in order to better analyze and understand your consumption.
    • Forecast your future demand. Powerdale has developed tools based on artificial intelligence, helping you refine and improve your load profile. Efficient forecasting paves the way to optimal energy purchasing and trading.
    • React. In the energy landscape of today, which is moving towards a smarter grid and a more decentralized generation, it is essential to be able to receive an external signal and to act upon it. The signal can be price or process based, the importance being to react fast and safely.
    • Communicate. Demand management relies also on human behavior. The various reports provided by the Platform help you present and discuss your energy data internally and with your partners. It provides benchmarks and comparison between similar technical installations, enabling you to benefit from available good practices and quantify the potential for further optimization.


  • Our expertise. Powerdale has developed both hardware and software for its solution because we know that every case is unique. We also believe that every provided solution should be engineered to fit. Along with you, our experts will determine your energy management system and help you to keep your energy bill as low as possible.