Powerdale have been awarded the contract for 800 public charging stations in Luxemburg including a 12 year service contract

Powerdale and Engie Cofely Luxemburg received the order from the 5 Luxemburg distribution grid operators (Creos, SudStroum, Electris, Ettelbruck and Diekirch) for 800 public charging stations to be installed over a 4 year period (2017-2020) and the service contract to manage the “Common Operator Platform” for 12 years.


After a European wide tendering process both contracts were awarded to the association of the local firm Engie Cofely Luxemburg, who will operate the infrastructure and Powerdale, a company developing solutions for electromobility and energy management, who will deliver the charging stations and the internet application for the “Common Operator Platform”.



‘The tenders written by the distribution grid operators were totally in line with our long term vision on the needs of electromobility developments: ease of use, energy management, flexibility in terms of adaptating hard- and software functions to market evolution, and a smart grid oriented with intelligent charging stations. We thank the distribution grid operators for their confidence and recognition of our electromobility and energy management expertise’, mentioned Olivier Piraux, CEO of Powerdale.

Between 2017 and 2020, 200 charging stations will be installed each year. An IT service platform will be available for EV drivers, distribution grid operators, energy suppliers and mobility platforms-powerdaleservice providers. It will be interfaced with the Luxemburg Public Transportation Services in order to offer a multi modal system to the end users.



About Powerdale:
Powerdale is a Belgian based company developing modular hardware and software solutions for electro mobility and energy management.
Over the years, Powerdale has developed an AC charging market offering called Nexxtender and a software platform to support the processes in e-mobility.

Contact Powerdale for more information: mail hugues.dhaeyer@powerdale.com phone: +32 473 88 48 96

Visit us at partner.nexxtender.com










About Engie Cofely Luxemburg:
Started in 1987, ENGIE Cofely Luxembourg, subsidiary of ENGIE (formerly known as GDF Suez), is specialized in the maintenance of technical installations, full management of infrastructure equipment, and generation and distribution of thermal and electric energy.

Together with economic, social and environmental objectives, Engie Cofely position sustainable development at the heart of its work and guarantee to its customers to respect contractual agreements over long term partnerships.

Contact ENGIE Cofely for more information: mail@cofelyservices-gdfsuez.lu phone: +352 26 55 33-1


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